[Announcement] The Grayscale Test of the Withdrawal Function Over

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[Announcement] The Grayscale Test of the Withdrawal Function Over

Post by lorenalo » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:29 am

Hello all,

Excluding the possible impact caused by ETH network congestion, the withdrawal function operates stably, and the grayscale test has been terminated. The daily frequency limitation has been cancelled, and the upper limitation of each time for withdrawal has been increased into 1,000,000 BxC.

Please see the rules updated as below:
1.Please bind the wallet address in the account settings before withdrawing.
2.The single minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 BxC, and the maximum withdrawal amount is 1,000,000 BxC.
3.Each withdrawal requires 300 BxC to be paid as the ETH network’s Gas fee. BonusCloud does not charge any fees.
4.The cash withdrawal rate needs to refer to the ETH network congestion. Please pay attention to the cash withdrawal status update.
5.It is not allowed to withdraw cash within 24 hours after replacing the wallet.
6.It is not allowed to withdraw cash within 24 hours after modifying the account password.
7.Due to ETH network congestion and other reasons, withdrawal may fail. After the withdrawal fails, the balance will be returned. Please re-initiate the withdrawal request (failure without deducting the Gas fee).
8.Considering the delay in data logging to the blockchain, the gains made by the account in the last few hours are not temporarily available for withdrawal.
9.Only one record that is being withdrawn can exist at the same time.
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