[Interview] CCTV Interview With Psymon Lee, BonusCloud CEO, About the Present and the Future of Blockchain.

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[Interview] CCTV Interview With Psymon Lee, BonusCloud CEO, About the Present and the Future of Blockchain.

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Recently, Psymon Lee, CEO of BonusCloud, was invited to attend GITC 2018 Beijing and received the interview of CCTV in which he shared his views on the concept of blockchain, the development status of this technology and its future prospect.

Psymon Lee believes that blockchain, as a new model and a new technology, will play an important role in individuals, government, business and commercial institutions in the future on the basis of a good combination with various fields and industries. Based on block chain technology, individuals will be able to better manage their health, education, funds and other aspects of data. Government will improve the regulatory effect on travel and food safety. Business organizations in various fields and industries can also improve efficiency and tap new business opportunities from the blockchain.

Interview Video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H72diGYgoDg&t=63s

The full text of the interview:
  • CCTV: Could you explain to all what is blockchain in simple words?

    Psymon Li: Blockchain rearranges and re-records the underlying data with special technical means. The main characteristic of blockchain is that data cannot be tampered based on the cryptography, which allows blockchain to be applied in many fields and sectors. And for now, the financial sector is the one which blockchain is applied most.

    Meanwhile, a variety of scenes in different sectors are dealing with reliable data storage, which is also a widely used field. With the blockchain application being used wider and wider along with the gradual development of the technology itself, blockchain will be applied into much more fields and sectors.
  • CCTV: Do you think blockchain is a new format derived from the Internet?

    Psymon Li: I more agree that blockchain is a new model and a new technology, which has used several Internet technology, but the blockchain technology itself has it own technical system and conception.
  • CCTV: Nowadays, which products of blockchain have entered into the normal people’s life?

    Psymon Li: Based on the blockchain technology, we can know and understand related data to the products we use, but few of these data have been unveiled by now. If the technology can be applied more into our daily life in the future, then we can get to know the data and information about food and products we consume during all the process, such as the place of origin and preservation conditions, etc.

    And another example is that we can use blockchain in the charity projects, which means that all the information and data from the donation origin to the destination can be recorded clearly, and donators can check where their donations have gone, which will increase the transparency of information.
  • CCTV: Since the data in the blockchain cannot be tampered, it is supposed that this technology can fulfill its value in the government management, right?

    Psymon Li: Exactly. If large dataset can be built in travel and food safety, for example, the performance of the government management in this regard will be enhanced a lot. As to the individuals, the blockchain could play great role to help us to manage our health, education, finance and other issues.
  • CCTV: If the blockchain is widely applied in the future, which products can benefit our normal people?

    Psymon Li: If blockchain develops prosperously like today’s Internet and can combine well with lots of sectors, t then our behaviors can be recorded clearly, for instance, our data about our own behaviors and our own consumed products in daily life can be recorded in our own blockchain, and we can know our preference in different fields, our behaviors and expenditures, we can know our preference in different fields, our behaviors and expenditures, in order to know and describe ourselves better.
  • CCTV: You have decided to join the blockchain industry and focused on the R&D after leaving a very big platform, so could you please tell us the actual development status of blockchain in China, we are still building the infrastructure or developing products based on the mature models?

    Psymon Li: There are a lot of teams that have been focused on the basic research and investigation. And a lot of resources have been invested into studying how to apply blockchain into actual scenarios. And BonusCloud is making efforts to combine the blockchain and the cloud computing into practice.
    Now, universities and scientific research institutions mainly conduct the research and investigation, and the companies are focusing on how to apply the blockchain into actual scenarios.
Brief Introduction about CCTV
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