[ANN] BonusCloud Project Update 2018.12.03–2018.12.09

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[ANN] BonusCloud Project Update 2018.12.03–2018.12.09

Post by 王小溪 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:24 am

Hello all,
This is BonusCloud project update for 2018.12.03–2018.12.09.

  • [dev] Problems fixed and optimization improvements during the open test for BonusNet. [85%]
  • [dev] Completed the development of computing node images for Raspberry Pi and N1 of BonusComputing with the ongoing execution of the test [90%]
  • [dev] Design and deployment for control panel of BonusComputing.[50%]
  • [dev] Completed the design for the contract part for BonusComputing. [100%]
  • [dev] Development of the contract part for BonusComputing. [30%]
  • [activity] Charitable Donation of “You Donate Your BxC, We Donate to Who Need Help Indeed” launched in Mainland China with donation target achieved 2 days after the initiation of the activity, and all the donation amount will be donated to a certain appropriate project.[50%]
  • [activity] CTO100 of China founded on Dec. 9, 2018, Psymon Li, CEO of BonusCloud has been nominated as Member of the Council. [100%]
Web: https://bonuscloud.io/
TG (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
TG (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn
TG(Russian): https://t.me/BonusCloudRu

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