[ANN] Addition of Page for the Revenue Details of Devices

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[ANN] Addition of Page for the Revenue Details of Devices

帖子 王小溪 » 周五 1月 11, 2019 11:49 am

Hello all,

After the last upgrade, many users mistakenly considered the online revenue as the total device revenue, and assumed something wrong with the devices which caused the decrease of the total revenue.

We express our sincere apologies for the ambiguity. Based on the feedback of these users, we have launched the function of the page for the revenue details of devices from Jan. 11, 2019, in order that users can check the revenue detail of each device.

In the mentioned added page:
Device Revenue = Device Online Revenue + Device Network Task Revenue + Device Computing Task Revenue
Device online revenue details can be checked on the page of “Online Revenue Details”
Device online revenue can be checked in the section of “Revenue Details” on the page of “Network Task”
The revenue of computing task has not been launched yet.
Thank you so much for the feedback, support and understanding.
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