[ANN] BonusCloud Project Update(2019.2.25–2019.3.3)

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[ANN] BonusCloud Project Update(2019.2.25–2019.3.3)

Post by 王小溪 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 4:04 am

Hello all,

This is BonusCloud project update for 2019.2.25–2019.3.3:

  • [dev] Test for computing task distribution of BonusComputing. [50%]
  • [dev] Test for computing tasks’ POW data collection of BonusComputing. [70%]
  • [dev] Part of BonusComputing contracts for pressure measurement and part of them for optimum reconfiguration. [90%]
  • [dev] Detailed design and development for the WIP version of BonusNet 1.0. [15%]
  • [dev] Completed the adaption among the new version of DApp proxy, the goproxy service and the terminal end program, and the debugging of the whole system has accomplished. Completed the deployment for the test environment and the improvement for the necessary interfaces. [100%]
  • [dev] The improvement and launch of the 1st version of the BonusComputing task revenue. [100%]
  • [dev] The functions to check the cumulative computing task revenue and the upstream bandwidth on the console of the official website have been released. [100%]
  • [activity] The functional test for the BonusComputing Task kicked off. [20%]
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