[ANN] Update for the BonusCloud Official Website’s Console

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[ANN] Update for the BonusCloud Official Website’s Console

Post by 王小溪 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:00 am

Hello all,

The console for the BonusCloud’s official website has been updated from Mar. 9, 2019, with the following new functions added:
  • 1. Page of details for the computing task revenue added, the daily revenue per device can be checked from now on.
  • 2. Function for note added, which can be modified every 7 days.
  • 3. Network task daily total revenue and online daily total revenue added.
For users with console version not automatically updated, please force-refresh or clear browser cache.

Thank you for your support.
Web: https://bonuscloud.io/
TG (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
TG (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn
TG(Russian): https://t.me/BonusCloudRu

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