[ANN] Adjustment of Revenue Distribution Way for Computing Task

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[ANN] Adjustment of Revenue Distribution Way for Computing Task

帖子 王小溪 » 周四 5月 23, 2019 10:31 am

Hello all,

The two-month test for computing task will soon come to an end and the revenue for the computing task will be distributed according to the actual use of resource.

Computing task revenue per device=device stability coefficient * reward coefficient* unit price of task demand * network traffic

1.The stability coefficient is influenced by online time and network stability.

2.The reward coefficient (RC) is influenced by actual bandwidth usage. (RC with bandwidth of 10M > RC with 5-10M > RC with 1-5M)

3.The unit price of task demand is adjusted according to the client demands, and is influenced by the local carrier and location of the device.

4.The network traffic refers to the traffic on the application layer, and users can check more details in the page of “computing task revenue details” of the official website after log-in.

Please be noted that:
1.Based on the prior test, it will take around one week for each device once connected online to reach the stable status for computing task scheduling. During the first week, the revenue may probably not be distributed in the best level, so please keep your device online stably and pay attention to the revenue after this week. During this period, for the device of which the actual used traffic occurs but with the computing task revenue less than 30 BxC, we will distribute 30 BxC to the corresponding account.

2.Devices that have been connected recently but have not received computing task scheduling yet will be received the computing task revenue according to the distribution way during the test period.

3.Only 3 carriers (China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile) support to run computing task, and the unit price of the task demand for China Mobile is now lower than the ones for China Telecom and for China Unicom, and we will adjust the unit price later according to the actual demands.

4.The revenue does not relate to the NAT type anymore. Device with hard disk of more than 100G and RAM of more than 1G are capable of running computing task.

5.The devices that have received scheduling task but without actual used bandwidth will not receive any computing task revenue.
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