[Project Introduction] BonusCloud: The First Universally-carried Fog Computing Platform in the World

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[Project Introduction] BonusCloud: The First Universally-carried Fog Computing Platform in the World

Post by 王小溪 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:02 am

“We are entering into a new era where the interconnection between the individuals, men and machines, and everything prevail in all every corner of the world”, which no longer just appear in the sci-fi movies and will be the achievable and touchable reality in the future.


The year of 2019 has been considered as the first year for 5G commercial landing, and the IoT (Internet of Things) technology has been developing rapidly accordingly. More and more intelligent terminal devices will enter into different places and corners of the society, including families, offices and manufacturing factories, and will be stably online in long term. Therefore, real-time data generated by these devices will grow exponentially. Such a huge amount of data is required to be able to transmit, process, analyze and generate related insights in a very short time and in more flexible ways, in order to output the optimum solutions for more objective, intelligent and rational conduct and policy guidance, which will bring about important changes in personal life management, business model and social development.


Centralized Cloud Computing Are Now Facing Tough Challenges

In the past, the majority of generated data was transmitted to the cloud through the Internet for being processed, which, as we all know, is called cloud computing. Cloud computing has been developing for more than ten years since when it was put forward, which has greatly improved the efficiency of social economy and enhance the quality of people’s daily life. However, today’s massive real-time data has posed a thorny problem to the traditional centralized cloud computing: due to the large distance between the cloud and the origins which data is generated, or we can say where the device terminals are located, a series of issues such as time delay, network bandwidth pressure, privacy security risks and so on have been highlighted and cannot be solved fundamentally by centralized cloud computing.

Distributed Fog Computing Comes into Being

Meanwhile, intelligent terminals are gradually demonstrating their strong application potential. By the ability to receive and process data generated nearby in real time, data can be processed without transmitting to distant clouds. A regional (network edge) terminal is assembled into a platform architecture to execute “primary processing” and “filtering” of data. Then the data can be sent back to the edge or uploaded to the cloud according to the actual needs and usage purpose. Such computing architecture between the remote cloud and the edge points of data generation is called Fog Computing, which improves the performance by locating the computing resources closer to the required location, thus shortening the distance of data transmission on the network and improve the overall network efficiency and performance.

(Fog Computing Concept)

With the continuous close integration of Internet technology and IoT, all human beings and things will be in the ubiquitous network. In such ubiquitous networking environment, everyone and everything will be able to communicate smoothly at any time and anywhere. All walks of life will also conform to this technological development trend, implement technological iteration and promote technological change in order to better pursue their own development and promote the community.

Since distributed fog computing technology is capable of better meeting the needs of real-time processing of massive data, and shows the advantages of much lower latency, wider distribution, lower bandwidth pressure, more flexible scheduling, etc., fog computing has been considered to have a strong landing prospects, and will be widely used in the fields related to IoT and many other fields in the future.


BonusCloud:The First Universally-carried Fog Computing Platform in the World


BonusCloud, as the first universally-carried fog computing platform, conforms to the technology-driven social and economic development trend and endeavor to construct the infrastructure support for the upcoming interconnection of all things and the ubiquitous network era through its powerful network resources and the team’s technology implementation capabilities, with the goal to provide the IT foundation and resources that enterprises and organizations need in the era.

The word “universally-carried” means versatility and generality of fog computing application in the platform, which specifically means “applicable to a wide range of equipment in different industries, flexible deployment of applications and realizable to personalized needs for demand-side. A platform can provide targeted, customized, low-cost and high-efficiency IT solutions for fog computing service demanders in all walks of life.


BonusCloud owns large-scale-level edge nodes which are widely covered, decentralized deployed and in stably online status over the world. The platform connects global computing resources such as existing cloud computing, IDC, enterprise computing centers, and personal CPU/GPU/bandwidth and so on, to provide a trustworthy cloud computing platform service featured by low price, wide scope and strong computing power.

Based on the above resources, BonusCloud provides flexible, personalized and stable fog computing services for organizations and enterprises in different fields and scenarios, including:
  • 1. SD-WAN Solutions:
According to the practical application needs of organizations or enterprises, a cloud-based enterprise special line with high cost-effective, simplified operation & maintenance and on-demand use with instant-on is constructed to realize the intelligent utilization of network resources and the efficient implementation of intelligent operation and maintenance.
  • 2. Distributed Data Storage and Distribution:
BonusCloud, as a distributed storage and distribution platform, is constructed based on terminals with storage capability, which achieves permanent secure storage and flexible & convenient sharing of files in a decentralized manner.
  • 3. Distributed Computing Services:
Through flexible deployment of node resources owned by the platform, BonusCloud can provide wide-range and flexible forms of distributed computing services that meet personalized needs of distinct enterprises.
  • 4. Fog Computing AI Services:
Relying on the comprehensive advantages of fog computing nodes owned by the platform, BonusCloud can make up for various problems emerged but not solved yet, such as low computing power and hardware scalability of edge computing and high delay of centralized cloud computing and also can be used as support for edge device AI applications and provide fog computing AI services in reasoning scenarios.
Based on its resources and strength, BonusCloud provides distributed fog computing solutions with strong capability to meet kinds of demands, stable & powerful performance, high safety & reliability and flexibility in operation & maintenance, which can, to a great extent, reduce costs, improve efficiency, optimize products and services, and help cloud-based organizations to achieve leap-forward development.

BonusCloud is now further expanding node resources, and the scale of the platform is moving to the next larger scale. So far, more than 1000 types of hardware are compatible for BonusCloud’s platform. Users can join the platform as a node through their own hardware devices according to the guidance of related tutorials without buying other specific ones, and then contribute redundant network resources, so that the equipment and network resources can be fully mobilized and utilized.

Focusing on the powerful resources gathered at present and the fog computing platform already built, BonusCloud is committed to building the new IT infrastructure for the upcoming IT era, where resource contributors, platform users, application developers and other platform participants can benefit from the platform and achieve a mutually beneficial Internet resource ecosystem.


Go to the official website: https://bonuscloud.io for further information.
Web: https://bonuscloud.io/
TG (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
TG (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn
TG(Russian): https://t.me/BonusCloudRu

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