[ANN] BonusCloud - Next Generation Infrastructure Driven By Blockchain

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[ANN] BonusCloud - Next Generation Infrastructure Driven By Blockchain

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Brief Glace at BonusCloud

BonusCloud (BonusCloud.io) aims to develop a decentralized trustworthy global cloud computing platform to serve open and shared ecosystem platform in blockchain application. It combines the virtualization technology of cloud computing and blockchain to support more PaaS applications under the promise of guaranteeing its security. It can execute the smart contract, web application, storage application and computing application.

On one hand, FaaS and Edge Computing can be developed by the virtualization technology of BonusChain. On the other hand, it stores all the transaction information and resource information into the blockchain where the users can inquire and audit freely.
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Bright Future and Potential Practical Values of Edge Computing

As to the Edge Computing, it is driven by the emerging needs of IoT networks, but with far greater implications than just IoT.

For the coming future of several years, Cloud Computing will act more like and ongoing, off-site processing plant for machine learning purposes while handing off the more immediate processing to edge computing.

According to the IDC report, 45 percent of data created by IoT will be stored, processed, analyzed, and acted upon by edge computing in just two years. In Gartner’s report, 40 percent of large enterprises will be integrating edge computing principles into their 2021 projects, with a large increase comparing with only 1% in 2017, and also by 2021, there will be 2.5 million per minute in IoT spending and 1 million new IoT devices sold very hour with deep application of Edge Computing.

BonusCloud is creating an infrastructure platform for decentralized cloud computing, adopting software and hardware decoupling scheme to achieve rapid iteration and open- sharing. The distributed Network (BonusNet), the distributed computing platform (BonusComputing ) and the distributed storage (BonusStorage) will definitely create a stable, liable, world-wide and efficient infrastructure for the applications of Edge Computing and other potential application scenarios.

Here are the blueprint for the future edge computing application scenarios planned by BonusCloud:
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How Can You Join BonusCloud?

We are now in the phase of the public testing from October, 2018, with first public conduction of terminal device (Openwrt Router, Raspberry Pi and NanoPi and more devices to be supported in the future) as nodes of Lite to join BonusCloud to contribute network resources such as bandwidth and computing power.

The network resources of the lite client can make contribution to help to build BonusCloud platform making full use of them without impacting the devices themselves. And you can get rewards while your device(s) contribute network resources to BonusCloud.

You can check the support devices in the following link:

Guide to connect into BonusCloud with Your Corresponding Devices:
1. For NanoPi:
2. For Raspberry Pi:
3. For Openwrt Routers:

What You Can Gain in BonusCloud?
For now, once you succeeded in joining the BonusCloud with your activated device(s) and contribute network, you will gain BonusCloud’s token (BxC) which has been listed on gate.io (https://gateio.io) according to the contributions of your online and task completion status, and there are there types of contributions: online contribution, task contribution and task reward contribution. (Now only for online contribution and the other two types of contribution will launch in the future as scheduled).
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You can also go to following link to know more about us:
Official website: https://bonuscloud.io/
Telegram (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
Telegram (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn
Telegram (Great China Area): https://t.me/BonusCloudTC
Telegram (Russia and Former CCCP and СНГ Areas) : https://t.me/BonusCloud_Russia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bonus_cloud
Web: https://bonuscloud.work/
TG (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
TG (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn