[ANN] BonusCloud in Seagate China Data + Summit 2018: CEO Psymon Lee Shares Views of Decentralized Cloud Computing

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[ANN] BonusCloud in Seagate China Data + Summit 2018: CEO Psymon Lee Shares Views of Decentralized Cloud Computing

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Seagate China Data + Summit 2018 is being held from Nov. 13 to 15, 2018 in Sanya, Hainan Province, South Part of China. The inauguration of the summit was held on Nov. 14, 2018 and BonusCloud is invited to attend as one of the core partners of the Seagate’s Data Ecosphere to share its professional ideas and thoughts with other insiders and top leaders of IT industry on big data, cloud computing, IoT, AI and security monitoring.

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Psymon Lee, CEO of BonusCloud attended the CEO panel in the morning and had a deep discussion and pleasant dialogue with his counterparts to on the topics of IT 4.0, big data and cloud computing. During the panel, Psymon Lee shared his insights about the decentralized cloud computing and the combination between blockchain and cloud computing. In his words, “The development of blockchain will redefine the distribution rules for resource storage, turning the pattern of “distributed collection — centralized storage” into “distributed collection — distributed storage”.

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In the afternoon of the same day, Sid Wong, CTO of BonusCloud made a speech themed by “the Future Infrastructure Driven by Blockchain Technology” in the sub-forum of “Cloud Storage” and explain to the audience technology concept and application ways of the decentralized cloud computing. Sid Wong also introduce the BonusCloud project.

BonusCloud (BonusCloud.io) aims to develop a decentralized trustworthy global cloud computing platform to serve open and shared ecosystem platform in blockchain application. It combines the virtualization technology of cloud computing and blockchain to support more PaaS applications under the promise of guaranteeing its security. It can execute the smart contract, web application, storage application and computing application.

On one hand, FaaS and Edge Computing can be developed by the virtualization technology of BonusChain. On the other hand, it stores all the transaction information and resource information into the blockchain where the users can inquire and audit freely.
Web: https://bonuscloud.work/
TG (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
TG (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn