[ANN] The Images of Computing Tasks for N1 Has Been Launched

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[ANN] The Images of Computing Tasks for N1 Has Been Launched

帖子 王小溪 » 周二 12月 11, 2018 9:06 pm

Hi all,
In order to a better support for upcoming computing tasks for development board such as Raspberry Pi, NanoPi and N1, we are now in the process of the upgrade for the images.

For now, the test for the images for N1’s computing tasks has completed and launched officially, please download the upgraded images in the following link:
http://bonuscloud-imgs.oss.cn-north-1.j ... 210.img.xz

Users who have not installed the previous images, please download the new version first. Users who have already installed the previous version can keep your devices connected and do not need to reinstall. Our system will upgrade automatically the images of N1 to the version compatible for computing tasks by tasks scheduling. Once the mentioned upgrade completed, we will inform to all.

Additionally, The images file that support computing tasks can only work after flashing to eMMC. It is not allowed to upgrade automatically, please flash the devices to eMMC.

The images for Raspberry Pi and NanoPi are still in the test phase, and will be launched soon.

Please note that the launch date for the computing tasks will be announced with further notice.
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