[Announcement] The Grayscale Test of the Withdrawal Function Initiates

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[Announcement] The Grayscale Test of the Withdrawal Function Initiates

帖子 二 猫 » 周六 11月 10, 2018 9:12 pm

In order to guarantee the stability of the withdrawal function, we initiate from today a grayscale test of this function for a period of 15 days.

During this scalegay test, the withdrawal function is open to use but subject to some restrictions. The upper limit and the frequency limit will be canceled after the greyscale test.

Please read carefully rules for the greyscale test:
1. Please bind the wallet address in the account settings before withdrawing.
2. The single minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 BxC。
Note: During the greyscale test, the maximum withdrawal amount per time is 10000BxC, and it is allowed to withdrawal once in every 24 hours (no matter the withdrawal succeeds or not). The limit for amount per time and the frequency to withdrawal will not be restricted any more after the greyscale test.
3. Each withdrawal requires 300 BxC to be paid as the ETH network’s Gas fee. BonusCloud does not charge any fees.
4. The cash withdrawal rate needs to refer to the ETH network congestion. Please pay attention to the cash withdrawal status update.
5. Cannot withdraw cash within 24 hours after modifying the account password.
6. Due to ETH network congestion and other reasons, withdrawal may fail. After the withdrawal fails, the balance will be returned. Please re-initiate the withdrawal request (failure without deducting the Gas fee).