[Activity] Get BCode with Your BxC (From November 1, 2018)

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[Activity] Get BCode with Your BxC (From November 1, 2018)

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Hello all,

Method No.1: ETH wallet holders:
From November 1, 2018, we will check the amount of BxC from the user’s ETH wallet bound and verified to the account everyday and send 1 BCode to those who hold more than 10,000 BxC in the ETH wallet.

  • We will verify the amount of BxC from users’ accounts who have completed the Step 1 and hold more than 10,000 BxC at 12:00 p.m. of Beijing Time (4:00 a.m. UTC Time).
  • The eligible users will have the opportunity of lucky draw for BCode, and we will send the BCode directly to the lucky ones.
  • During the first week of the activity (from November 1 to 7, 2018), the accounts eligible can get 1 BCode directly everyday. From November 8, 2018, users will get BCode via lucky draw.
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