[Introduction & Tutorial] How to Join BonusCloud

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[Introduction & Tutorial] How to Join BonusCloud

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What Does BonusCloud Do?

BonusCloud (BonusCloud.io) aims to develop a decentralized trustworthy global cloud computing platform to serve open and shared ecosystem platform in blockchain application. It combines the virtualization technology of cloud computing and blockchain to support more PaaS applications under the promise of guaranteeing its security. It can execute the smart contract, web application, storage application and computing application.

On one hand, FaaS and Edge Computing can be developed by the virtualization technology of BonusChain. On the other hand, it stores all the transaction information and resource information into the blockchain where the users can inquire and audit freely.

To know more about our project, please see the following articles:
1.[Insights] Psymon Li, CEO of BonusCloud: IT Service Future Will be A World of Decentralization & Multi-Reciprocity
https://medium.com/@bonuscloud/insights ... 1e3c0d39a4
2.Media Report: BonusCloud Empowers Idle IT Resources for the coming IoT Era
https://medium.com/@bonuscloud/media-re ... 46d81c2e4b

Why to Join BonusCloud Now?

We are now in the phase of the public testing from October, 2018, with first public conduction of terminal device (routers, Raspberry Pi, etc.) as nodes of Lite to join BonusCloud to contribute network resources such as bandwidth and computing power.

The network resources of the lite client can make contribution to help to build BonusCloud platform making full use of them without impacting the devices themselves. And you can get rewards while your device(s) contribute network resources to BonusCloud.

What You Can Gain in BonusCloud Now?

For now, once you succeeded in joining the BonusCloud with your activated device(s) and contribute network, you will gain BonusCloud’s token (BxC) which has been listed on gate.io (https://gateio.io) according to the contributions of your online and task completion status, and there are there types of contributions: online contribution, task contribution and task reward contribution. (Now only for online contribution and the other two types of contribution will launch in the future as scheduled).

How to Join BonusCloud Step By Step?

Step 1 Sign up in BonusCloud

Go to BonusCloud’s website: https://bonuscloud.io to sign up. Then sign in, go to the “Data Panel – Home Page” to get BCode (There are 2 choices : Mainland China and Non-mainland China, Choose the BCode type according to your location)

Please click the video link to know how to register a BonusCloud account:


BCode is used to activate the your device for connecting into BonusCloud.

BCode collection rules:
1.Since the network environment is different, BCode is divided into Mainland China/Non-mainland China.
2.The BCode for Non-mainland China can not activate equipment in Mainland China.
3.Each account can receive 1 BCode per hour.
4.Each account can receive maximum 10 BCodes per day.
5.The maximum number of lists for each type of BCode per account is 5.
6.After BCode is received, if the account has a binding device, it will expire for 20 days. If the account has no binding device, it will be invalid for 10 days.
If you have any questions, please join the telegraph group to ask.(see the bottom of this post to find the contact)
Please click the video link for the Brief Introduction about BonusCode (BCode)

Please refer to the step 2-9 according to your device type:

For users with Raspberry Pi, please read step 2-9 as below

You can click the video link to know "How to Connect into BonusCloud with Raspberry Pi"

Step 2. Preparations of the devices and other necessary stuff:

a. 1 Android mobile,
b. 1 Internet connection,
c. 1 Raspberry Pi (2 or 3)
d. 1 power line
e. 1 TF storage card of at least 8G
Step 3 Format the TF storage card

Step 4 Download the APP of Android version via following link:

Step 5: Download Rasberry Pi Images via following link and unzip the img file:

Step 6 Burn the img file into the TF storage card

Step 7 Insert the TF storage card into the Raspberry Pi, connect the Internet connection and the power line

(Please make sure the status of the router’s DHCP “on”, otherwise the Raspberry Pi can not obtain the IP address)

Step 8 Install BonusCloud App in your Android Mobile

Step 9 Open the App, log in with your BonusCloud account

(Please make sure that the Android mobile and the Raspberry Pi use the same LAN, otherwise the mobile can not search for the Raspberry Pi)

For users with Nanopi, please read step 2-9 as below:
Step 2. Preparations of the devices and other necessary stuff:

a. 1 TF storage card
b. 1 card reader
c. 1 nanoPiNeoPlus2
d. 1 cable
e. 1 5V 2A USB power adapter
f. Mac/PC
g. 1 Android mobile
Step 3 Download images in the following link and upzip the img file:

Step 4 Download the burning tool Etcher in the following link:


Step 5 Burn the system images into the TF storage card:

Insert the card reader into the PC/Mac, *Click Etcher*, select the system images file (Select =image), select the icon of TF storage card *drive* (Select drive), click “Flash!“, and it will take about 5 minutes for a TF storage card with speed of U1 to complete the burning. After that, Etcher will verify the completeness of the written data, and it will take around 1-2 minutes according to the speed of the card.

Step 6 Insert the TF storage card into the NanoPi card slot, connect the power line and into the internet.

Step 7 During the burning, the Power LED is on, and flashes constantly in red when the burning finishes.

If the red and green lights are at the same time, it shows that the burning fails. When the burning completes, pull out the power line and charge it again.

Step 8 Download the Managing APP of PI in the following link, and connect the mobile and the PI in the same LAN:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vv-uwb ... sp=sharing

Step 9 Log in APP with your registered BonusCloud’s account.

When sign in, please make sure that the Android mobile and the device are in the same LAN, otherwise the mobile can not search for the device.

Following are combined steps for all users again:

Step 10 After sign-in, search for the device and bind the device.

Step 11 Click the down arrow to choose BCode you get according to your location (Mainland China or Non-mainland China) and bind the device.

Step 12 Check your device already bound in “Hardware List” when you sign in via BonusCloud’s website.

Step 13 Check the mining rewards in the data panel from console.bonuscloud.io

You can also go to following link to know more about us:

Official website: https://bonuscloud.io/
Telegram (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
Telegram (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bonus_cloud
Web: https://bonuscloud.work/
TG (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
TG (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn

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Introduction Tutorial How to Join BonusCloud

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Re: Introduction Tutorial How to Join BonusCloud

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Thanks Amarbir,
I tried the solutions of the web global solution center, but it doesnt work.

How can I to try a new solution?

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