[Guide] How to trade BxC into Currency?

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[Guide] How to trade BxC into Currency?

帖子 王小溪 » 周五 12月 07, 2018 1:11 pm

BonusCloud is now open for the withdrawal function, and users (you) can withdrawal BxC that you get by contributing resources with your devices as nodes.

Here is the guide for withdrawal procedures of withdrawal BxC directly to the exchange, which can save the gas fees of ETH during withdrawing first to the ETH wallet then to the exchange and also reduce the loss risk.

Step 1
Go to gate.io to register for an account, please be noted that BxC is only officially listed in this exchange.

You can sign up in the following link:
(If you sign up in the invitation link with referral code, actually it is mine, you can get 10% off on all your trading fees for 12 months)

The you have to move to finish the verification (KYC verification) as normally the large and well operating exchanges will ask you to complete this procedure to avoid any possibility of money laundry. You can follow the guide of gate.io to complete.

Step 2

Go to your account’s panel and search BxC as the following pic instructed:
Then click “deposit” and copy the address beginning with 0x,
then go to the BonusCloud official website (https://bonuscloud.io), sign in and bind the mentioned wallet address to your BonusCloud’s account. Please see the guide about how to bind your wallet to the account in the following link:

Step 3

Go to BonusCloud official website (https://bonuscloud.io) to withdrawal BxC. Please be noted that BonusCloud does not suggest users use the exchange address, since there is a slim but existent possibility that your address might be recycled and the transactions would be other’s.

Step 4

Trade the BxC. In gate.io, it is allowed to trade by BxC/USDT, in theory, 1 USDT= 1 USD, but actually, it might have some slice difference.

To trade BxC, you have to click the following link:
As you can see the pic, you can set your selling price after referring to the buying price so that you can set a price that can be sold in short time. For more information about how to trade, you can see the guide of gate.io in the following link:

Input the amount of USDT that you wan to sell, and be noted that there is minimum sell amount. Then click “sell”. When someone want to buy your offer, and pay you as the ways you have set, you can receive the money, then you confirm receive the money, then the exchange will send your USDT into the buyer’s account.

Then you have finished the trade, and earn money by BxC in your pocket.
Web: https://bonuscloud.work/
TG (General) : https://t.me/Bonuscloud
TG (China) : https://t.me/bonuscloudcn