[FAQ] What is the Rewards System of BonusCloud?

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[FAQ] What is the Rewards System of BonusCloud?

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Q1: How to get rewards?
a.Mining Revenue

Nodes will obtain a certain degree of contribution after joining the network. In a certain number of blocks, the network allocates BxC as rewards based on the contribution of a node in the fixed block interval compared to all nodes in the whole network.

On the other hand, users pay by BxC after purchase and usage of the resource of the nodes according to the task outcome quality of the nodes. Please be noted that, since the users who purchase resources occupy numerous nodes, the rewards of this part are distributed and obtained to nodes which contributed resources according to the task completion condition.

b.Referral Revenue

Apart from the rewards for mining, BonusCloud also offers rewards for invitation by the nodes.

Every user can generate his own invitation link through the BonusCloud official website. Once user B clicks the invitation link of user A, completes the registration process and begins to mine, user A can get additionally rewards of the amount equivalent to 1% of the gains for mining of user B as invitation rewards.

The invitation rewards of BxC are to be released by the BonusCloud Foundation, which makes no impact on the gains of the users invited by previous user.

c.DApp Developer revenue

In the future, DApp developers will be better supported to develop DApps based on the BonusCloud network for demanders to gain more revenue.

Q2: How to get contributions?
Once a node joins the BonusCloud network, it accumulates contributions according to online and task status, and there are there types of contributions:

a.Online contribution

b.Task contribution

c.Task reward contribution

When you complete a task perfectly, you can get a portion of the contribution bonus as a reward for the gains from the use of the node resources.

Users can get contributions by completing tasks with device(s) (network/ computing/ storage, etc), devices without task can get certain online contribution, but cannot get task contribution.

a.As to the network tasks: routers and developments boards are allowed to carry network tasks. By default, among the devices shared in a same public network IP, only one device is to be allocated into network tasks, the rest can only get online contributions.

b.As to the computing tasks:development boards or devices with higher capacity of computing are allowed to conduct computing tasks (temporarily not open).

Q3: How much reward can you get?
Blocks by UTC time will produce 79,908 BxCs per hour, which are distributed to all network nodes according to the online conditions of the nodes. The reward of a single node depends on the stability of the network and the amount of nodes in the current network.

Total reward

Total rewards: 7,000,000,000 * 40% = 2,800,000,000 BxC
Reward settlement period: UTC time 60 minutes
UTC Time The total hourly reward is: Total(RT) = 79,908 BxC

Network task reward algorithm
- Contribution of a certain network device P = (online stability contribution Po + task contribution Pw) * α
- Let the user be x, have n devices, and there are m users in the whole network, then the account contribution of user x is Px = P1+P2+P3+...+Pn, and the total contribution of users of the whole network is PT = Px1 +Px2+Px3+...+Pxm
- So UTC time user x reward per hour Rx = (Px / PT) RT (100% - 1%) (1% of platform technology service fee per transaction)

Among them

- Po=Online number of minutes for a single device*Ko, Ko is the online stability weight system (currently Ko = 1)
- Pw=single device task minutes*Kw, Kw is the task weight coefficient (Kw = 9 under network task, the calculation task will increase the weight of CPU, storage, etc.)
- α is a mining factor calculated by hash, distributed between 0.95 and 1.05, expected to be 1
- RT = 79,908

Algorithm of task reward calculation

pending upgrade
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