[ANN]BonusCloud Project Update(2019.3.4–2019.3.10)

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[ANN]BonusCloud Project Update(2019.3.4–2019.3.10)

Post by 王小溪 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:06 am

Hello all,
This is BonusCloud project update for 2019.3.4–2019.3.10:

  • 1.[dev] Test for computing task distribution of BonusComputing.[70%]
  • 2.[dev] Improvement and optimization of the velocity measurement for BonusComputing.。[90%]
  • 3.[dev] Part of BonusComputing contracts for pressure measurement and part of them for optimum reconfiguration.[100%]
  • 4.[dev] Detailed design and development for the WIP version of BonusNet 1.0. [20%]
  • 5.[dev] Launch for the new version console for page of details for the computing task, function for note for every 7 days, network task daily total revenue and online daily total revenue added. [100%]
  • 6.[dev] System detection function and access control added for the new version of DApp proxy. [100%]
  • 7.[bug]Bugs fixed for the N1 image. [60%]
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